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Xavier Verhoeven
30 August, 2010
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J Watch

Link to: J Watch


Matthew Toohey


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

J Watch, 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

Age Rating:  12+


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Normally when I’m listening to the radio and hear a song I like, I reach for my iPhone and quickly open Shazam. If it’s near the end of the song, or it’s a relatively unknown Australian band, I’m often left wondering who I was listening to. A new app from developer Matt Toohey aims to change that, for one station at least.

If you’re a Triple J listener, this app is for you – it’s a live guide to every song the station plays with a few cool features. If for some reason you prefer another station, there’s likely an app that achieves a similar feat, but I can’t guarantee it will feature as clean and user-friendly a design as this one.

When you launch J Watch, you have only three options: ‘Live’ shows a list of the most recently played songs (and also has a live stream that you can listen to if your network speeds allow); ‘Archive’ lets you find out what was playing for any date and time back to January 2007; and the final option ‘Pins’ lets you bookmark a time to check up on if the streaming song information isn’t available yet.

So if you happened to hear a great song at 1:26pm on 30 May last year, you can find out within a few minutes that it was Hot Chips’ Over and Over. Just to be sure, you can listen to a sample of the song right within the app. Then you can find out more about it on the excellent J Play website, go to the artist’s last.fm page, or buy it directly from iTunes.

If the current song is amazing, but the app isn’t updating (sometimes the Triple J info stream doesn’t update), you can drop a pin and come back to it later – data from J Play will fill in the gaps.

When a great song comes on, J Watch also makes it easy to let your mates know: with just a few taps, you can share a song via Twitter, email, Facebook or Tumblr. Or if you like the genre and want to find out about similar artists, that’s just a tap away too.

If you listen to Triple J, and are frustrated when you can’t work out what you’re listening to, J Watch is your saviour. It’s a bonus that it looks great (with Retina display optimised graphics) and has all the features it does, without compromising on simplicity. If Triple J is the only station you listen to, you can even use the app just for its streaming abilities. It’s built for iOS 4, so audio can be streamed in the background while you use your phone for other tasks.

J Watch is a niche app for a dedicated local audience, but it’s one that I’m grateful for.

J Watch, 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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