iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)

Joel Mathis
27 June, 2011
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iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)

Link to: iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)




Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Age Rating:  12+


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Discovering new podcasts is often a matter of serendipity—a recommendation from a friend, a mention in a blog. iCatcher, a $2 app for the iPhone and iPad from Joeisanerd.com, beats similar offerings primarily by making it so easy to search for podcasts you never knew existed.

Like the native iTunes app on iOS devices, iCatcher lets you download or stream podcasts on your mobile device using 3G or Wi-Fi. And like Podcaster—probably this app’s closest competitor—iCatcher lets users easily search for obscure podcasts outside range of Top 10 offerings like Radiolab, combing through RSS feeds and non-Apple podcast sites like Podcast Alley to help you find what you’re listening for.

But iCatcher goes a step further with a variety of options to sort your search results—by name, creator, category and the date of the last episode’s release. And if it’s been awhile since a podcast has been updated, iCatcher will warn you if you decide to subscribe. (iCatcher’s other advantage? It runs natively to the iPad.)

Good Catch: iCatcher excels at making it easy to search for podcast you never knew existed, letting you sort your results by name, creator, category and the date of the last episode.

One minor flaw: there seems to be no way to download a single episode of a podcast. You have to subscribe to an entire podcast series – you can’t just download one episode. That’s not a huge problem: it’s quite easy to unsubscribe from a podcast as well.

Mostly, though, this app is a gem. For the total experience of discovering, organising and listening to podcasts, iCatcher is tough to beat.

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