When you first start university you are overwhelmed with the different changes compared to high school. One thing to keep in mind is, lecture notes are important! Here are the following a">

Four apps for university students

Tania Cao
2 April, 2015
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When you first start university you are overwhelmed with the different changes compared to high school. One thing to keep in mind is, lecture notes are important! Here are the following apps I have on my iPad that keep me organised and on my game when I’m at school or home.


At first, Evernote can seem rather hard to use but it’s a great app for you to take notes within lectures or even jot down any new thoughts. Evernote is easily accessed on any device and provides you with a great system for you to take down notes. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac. More than just note taking, Evernote also provides you with tools for writing, collaborating and researching. Evernote allows you to add texts, take photos and pin them in documents, look through your gallery of photos you’ve taken with Evernote, have reminder tools and layouts for you to write down lists. With the ability to attach photos to documents and add notes, note taking is more fun and engaging. By being able to also create notebooks for each subject, you are able to organise your notes in folders and easily access them again or add texts onto existing notes.


I am always put in situations where I need to scan documents and send them off as soon as possible. It’s so inconvenient to rush off to the nearest IT lab or the school library to wait in line, log onto a computer and finally scan your documents away. With CamScanner you are able to simply take photos of your documents, resize it, select your preferred colour layout of the image by adjusting the tool bars and send it directly to the intended person. CamScanner will also save all your scanned documents so you will essentially never lose any documents you have taken a photo of. In the setup process, it will automatically be linked with your email so when the document is to your desire, it can be attached and shared straight away.


At University, lecturers stress the importance for you to not only attend lectures but also have copies of the lectures. With GoodNotes, you are able to download and store the lecture as a PDF. With the ability to also create folders of each subject, you can store each lecture PDF in the right subject folder. Not only do I download the lecture notes, but I also download assignment sheets into each subject folder so I have access to all the important documents all the time, without having to access the internet. Once notes are downloaded onto the app, you no longer need to use the internet which I think is great for train rides home to recap on the lecture’s you’ve had during the day. GoodNotes also allow you to highlight notes within the PDF with a variety of colour choices, making your notes very lively. It also enables you to add in your own text boxes next to passages already in the PDF, which is a very great characteristic for jotting down important notes mentioned by the teacher.


Yes, this app is used for communicating with friends for free when connected to the Internet, but it is also a great app to create group chats. Sometimes when creating Facebook groups, not all members respond or have their Facebook open, so communicating messages across are delayed. When creating a WhatsApp group, all members of the group are connected in one group and can chat to one another instantly about any important issues. Notifications will pop up on the home screen so you can assure that messages will not be missed.

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