Evri for iPad

Joel Mathis
29 November, 2011
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Evri for iPad

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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Age Rating:  4+


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Successful news-reading apps do two things well: They’re fun to look at and use, and they give you the information you want. Evri for iPad, a free social news aggregator from Evri, hits both marks.

Evri pulls links from your Facebook and Twitter feeds and displays them as news stories in their own right. Where other apps use a magazine-style user interface, Evri looks and feels a bit more like a scrapbook of collected headlines; it’s a charming choice by the developers.

More importantly, Evri doesn’t limit you to the links that your friends are posting. Each headline includes a sidebar listing two or three topics related to the story at hand. You can click on those topics for more in-depth coverage; and you can star the topic so that you have a permanent feed of related news stories flowing to you within the app. Evri handles this aspect well by offering an in-depth array of topics to choose:

Evri also lets you share the stories you read via Facebook, Twitter, or email. If pressed for time, you can save a piece for later perusal.

Topical: Evri for iPad not only pulls links from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it also offers topics related to the story at hand.

There’s only one small problem with the app: It doesn’t update automatically. If you last opened it two days ago, it’ll give you two-day-old headlines unless you manually refresh. It would be nice if users could adjust the settings so the latest headlines appeared right away.

Beyond such quibbles, though, Evri is a triumph. News consumers will want this app on their tablet.

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