EasyWriter Pro

John Fuller
3 August, 2010
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EasyWriter Pro

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Wellbeyond Inc.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

EasyWriter Pro, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Age Rating:  4+


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Built to make writing emails faster and simpler on your mobile device, EasyWriter Pro brings capabilities like spell-check, auto-text, and snippets to the iPhone’s emailing composition tools. True, June’s iOS 4 update added spell-checking capabilities (among other features) to the iPhone’s arsenal of tools. But if you’ve got an older phone or iPod touch that can’t run iOS 4 — or you’ve decided not to upgrade your iPhone 3G to the new OS — then EasyWriter Pro provides a way to add those spell-checking features. And Saxorama.net’s app offers other capabilities for a low cost, making this app a worthwhile download.

First and foremost, EasyWriter Pro’s interface is incredibly clean and simple. The entire app is a single window, divided into three panels — the toolbar, the text-input box, and the keyboard. The toolbar is where you can manoeuvre between spell-checking, snippets, selecting from your favourite email recipients, and composing modes; you can also use the toolbar to discard your message or send it out to your iPhone’s built-in Mail app.

EasyWriter Pro’s spell-check comes packaged with learn and ignore buttons, and acts exactly like spell-check on a desktop word-processor, but with a mobile interface. I was impressed with the snippets panel, which comes with an auto-text, or text expansion, feature for the built-in and custom snippets that are stored in the app. However, snippets must be created within the app. It would be nice to see support for TextExpander integration.

There is a free version of EasyWriter, but it doesn’t do the Pro app justice. Instead of coming integrated with the spell-check, snippet, auto-text, and email favourites features, EasyWriter Lite simply has a “Get EasyWriter Pro” button. The only real similarities between the two apps are the clean-slate interface, and send-to-mail button. To get a real grip on EasyWriter Pro’s capabilities, you should buy the $1.19 version.

EasyWriter Pro is a beautiful app that is incredibly well-designed; it doesn’t try to do too much and it does just enough with perfection, making it an ideal iPhone utility. Unfortunately, it comes with some hindrances, like an out-of-the way reply workflow, though that’s a limitation Apple imposes on third-party developers. At just $1.19, EasyWriter is a steal, even in the iOS 4 era. It makes for a great contribution to the iPhone’s messaging capabilities.

EasyWriter Pro, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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