Mark Hattersley
27 May, 2012
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OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

DragonDrop, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Age Rating:  4+


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DragonDrop is one of those rare little utilities that is incredibly useful, in a small way, but makes Mac OS X Finder a lot easier to use. It’s one of those tools that you wonder if Apple shouldn’t implement itself.

File management (dragging files and folders around) is still an integral part of the Mac OS X user experience, even though Apple is trying to avoid the file management metaphor (desktop and filing system) in iOS.

Even though most people instinctively get the idea of files and folders, moving them around is often a clumsy experience. Typically it goes like this: you locate the files in a Finder window, click and highlight them, open a new Finder window, find the destination, re-arrange both windows so you can see the files and the destination folder, drag and drop the files.

DragonDrop aims to make the process slightly easier. When you locate the files (whether they’re on the desktop or in the Finder) you can shake the mouse (left and right) to open the DragonDrop holder (a small black square with a rotating graphic and drop the files in it. Now find the destination and drag the files back out.

It’s a really simple idea, but it works exceptionally well. It’s just a small thing that makes Mac OS X Finder a little bit easier to use. Recommended.

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DragonDrop is a small utility and by no means essential, but we like it’s simplicity and it makes Mac OS X Finder a little bit easier to use.


DragonDrop, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Tony says:

    A more expensive ($40.00) but more comprehensive solution is Path Finder. This Finder replacement has two panes side by side, which allows you to have both source and destination folders open side by side. Each pane can also have tabs, which means that if you have particular folders that you regularly drag folders between, then you can have tabs to those folders always available.
    This is the one that Apple should implement.

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