Cascade – The Brewer’s Nose

Dave Bullard
27 May, 2011
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Attention, beer lovers: here’s a free Aussie app that gives you the story behind the drink in your hand and lets you elevate the art of beer drinking.

You scan the barcode on a bottle or can by finding a bit of light, hitting the Scan button and shaking your iPhone to get the autofocus to focus better than the blokes around you. As soon as it locks on it takes the photo and checks the barcode against a database of over 600 beers from around the world.

You’re then presented with an info box (type, alcohol content, bitterness, sweetness, etc), a short video on the style of beer presented by Cascade brewer Roger Ibbott, a description by beer writer Matt Kirkegaard and a food-matching video with chef Rodney Dunn of the Agrarian Kitchen in Lachlan, Tasmania. (No, pork scratchings do not constitute food.)

You can also write your own tasting notes and see those from other users. The app also keeps a log of your scanned beers for easy reference, has a section that advises you on which beers to match with the food you’re eating, and lets you connect to Facebook to find your drinking mates and share your tasting notes.

Finally, there’s a map section that shows you where your nearest bottleshop or pub is. This really is a standout app that’s well-though-out and beautifully designed. Even though it’s produced by Cascade in Tasmania, the brewery has resisted the temptation to make it all about its own beers, instead making it a world-class app that’s both informative and fun – and a real conversation piece in the pub.

Price: Free

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