Burnout Crash!

Macworld Australia Staff
12 April, 2012
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Burnout Crash!

EA Games, App Store


Large amount of content; fun


Limited game modes; graphics; cost


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Road rage and carnage are the aim of the game in EA Games’ new iOS release, Burnout Crash! Continuing the trend in integrating console and PC games into the iOSphere, Burnout Crash! is a spinoff of the hugely popular Crash Mode in the Burnout series.

You take control of the road in a series of locations in the hope of bringing catastrophic destruction to the myriad of different passing cars, trucks, buses, street signs, bus stops and buildings. The more havoc, the more points.

Burnout Crash! has a large amount of content that will keep you destroying the local environment over and over. There is a little thrill involved in watching seemingly unconscious drivers plough straight into a 10-car pile-up and, in turn, burst into flames.

Controlling your car is simple – by sliding and holding your finger in the direction you wish to go, the car flings from one place to the next in a comical fashion.

Burnout Crash! provides you with seven different vehicles, 18 traffic junctions, 54 events, and six themed locations to keep you busy, and includes one-on-one interactivity between friends over EA’s Origin network.

A neat aspect to the game is the ability to unlock Special Features during the gameplay. Ranging from sinkholes, tornados and tidal waves to UFOs and infernos, Special Features are earned by scoring large numbers of points and provide screen-wide extinction.

The app’s major weakness is the graphics. The display provides little for the eyes with pixelated graphics leaving objects jagged and uninspiring.

The design of Crash!’s menu is a real juxtaposition to the gameplay graphics. The animated, silhouetted backdrop is excellent.

Another weakness is the repetitive gameplay. You are given a choice of three different game modes – Rush Hour; Road Block and Pile-Up – but each of the three modes are based upon the same, tweaked, concept. Vehicle carnage.

What made the Burnout series popular was the variety in gameplay, from racing to tricks to mini games such as Crash Mode, which allowed for multiple hours of enjoyment. Crash! on iOS, however, will not provide single-play longevity. But it will be an app you fire up to play with friends or to get a laugh.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

Burnout Crash! has a lot to keep you busy: unlocking traffic junctions, events, objectives and vehicles. But for $5.49 it is a little steep. If you are a fan of the Burnout series’ Crash Mode definitely have a look, but this is not an impulse buy.


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