Briss for Mac

Mark O'Neill
29 June, 2013
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Briss for Mac

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Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Age Rating:  4+


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This portable app’s website says ‘Bright Snippet Sire’, but everybody calls this open-source favourite Briss for… er… short. Briss crops a section of a PDF file and creates another PDF file of the cropped area.

Briss works on Linux, Mac and Windows. It’s easy to use, and it’s awfully handy if you have a PDF page with something you’d rather not pass along. You can simply highlight what you want to keep and generate a whole new file.

If you own an e-reader, you’ll find Briss particularly useful. To read a PDF on an e-reader, you normally have to format and convert it, and traditional eBook converters (such as EPUB converters) frequently make a hash out of PDF conversion. Briss converts two-column pages into single-column pages, cuts out the unnecessary margins, and automatically removes unwanted fluff, such as page numbers and chapter headings. It then produces a PDF file that you can then successfully pass through an EPUB converter.

by Mark O’Neill, Macworld

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