AVPlayer HD

Jeff Merron
18 January, 2012
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AVPlayer HD

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Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Age Rating:  4+


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Neither the iPad nor the iPhone lack for good video-playing options. Between Apple’s own Videos, the built-in YouTube app and third-party offerings, it’s hard to imagine wanting, or needing, another. AVPlayer HD (a separate app to the iPhone version) fills what may be an important niche for some users. That is, the app from ePlayWorks enables you to play videos that reside on your iPad, encoded in just about every major format. And it performs that task well.

But transferring videos to the AVPlayer HD library is awkward – you can do so with a USB connection, or wirelessly through your computer’s web browser or an FTP program, after you open the app, obtain a specific address you enter into your browser and then upload the videos to the browser. The iPad or iPhone app then immediately imports the videos.

Air Video, as well as other file transfer apps, in contrast, provide a free utility that you install on your computer, and after an initial, single setup process, allow for simple wireless transfer. Air Video, a universal iOS app, can play videos in many formats as well, translating them on the fly as they stream via Wi-Fi or even from a remote web connection. Unlike AVPlayer, however, Air Video does not play videos that are already stored on your device.

Video maniac: AVPlayerHD plays many different video formats very well.

Considering the ease with which videos can be converted to the iOS-friendly MP4 format with both Mac and Windows utility programs, it’s difficult to imagine that AVPlayer will provide any advantages for most users. That said, both the iPad and iPhone versions of the app performed impressively: Videos of varying lengths and formats all played smoothly and clearly on both my iPad and iPod touch. And one extra feature – the ability to speed up videos to play up to twice their normal speed or down to half-speed – is also a nice touch.


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  1. Sikosis says:

    The biggest problem with Air Video is that it taxes the machine running the server component as it has to convert everything to a suitable format using ffmpeg.

    I’m using OPlayer HD … it seems comparable to AVPlayer HD.

  2. Arslan Baig says:

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