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18 December, 2015
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App Guide – ThugOff

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David Zagami


Age Rating:  4+


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ThugOff is a mobile app for notifying specific contacts and emergency services, if needed, in the case of an emergency. It can be used anywhere that the user’s iPhone has GPS and cellular data.

Once ThugOff is activated the alarm and flash are on, photographs are being taken and a text message is prepared so that the user only has to be press send.

Included in the text message is a unique link, which is provided so that your emergency contacts can view both GPS data and photos, which are automatically taken and uploaded when the alarm is activated.

Data is stored on ThugOff servers for a period of seven days for viewing after an incident occurs. The ThugOff alarm only uploads data while the app is in the foreground and times out after one hour if not manually disabled.

Once installed, you’re required to enter a PIN, Contacts and Emergency Number of your choice.

On activation you are prompted to simply SEND an automatically generated SMS, which will go to your chosen contacts. This message contains a GPS location of your device as well as a unique code to view data that is now being sent to the secure ThugOff website.

A screen of five menu items including the ThugOff Activate button appear.

When ThugOff is activated the home screen turns black and the alarm sounds, while the flash stays constantly on. If your device is stolen the screen is made solid black, so it’s difficult for an offender to know how to turn it off or what to do. It will still be taking photographs (thats why the flash remains on).

To turn off manually, you need to swipe the black screen to the right, a three-item menu will appear for you to choose. ThugOff will automatically turn off after one hour.

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