90 Degrees: An Experience About Knolling, by Andrew Kim

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4 August, 2013
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90 Degrees: An Experience About Knolling, by Andrew Kim

Link to: 90 Degrees: An Experience About Knolling, by Andrew Kim

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Andrew Kim


This book can only be viewed using iBooks 3.0 or later on an iPad. iOS 5.1 or later is required.

Age Rating:  4+


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You may have never heard the term ‘knolling’, but you know what it is, because you see it often, and probably practise it yourself, at times. Knolling, as Andrew Kim explains in this beautiful enhanced iBook, is the art of arranging items in logical, organised and aesthetically pleasing patterns. Kim does a wonderful job of explaining the history of the practice of knolling, the origins of the term and the popularisation of it by Tom Sachs in 2009.

The book includes examples of everyday, personal knolling (arranging tools on a woodworking table, items in a wallet and food on a plate). It also explains how knolling works on a micro level (using Intel chips as an example), on an architectural level (Apple stores are ‘knolled’) and on a macro level (using cities such as Tokyo and Amsterdam, which are arranged in grids). The concept gets a bit murky when Kim tries to extend it to the Dewey Decimal System, which is a logical mathematical system for arranging books. Kim may have been referring to the way libraries are physically laid out in accordance with the system, but does not refer to this.

The enhanced iBook includes many beautiful images of items in pre- and post-knoll states, just enough text to get the main ideas across, and some short, entertaining and useful videos that show someone practising the art of knolling.

Whether you’re an organised person or not, 90 Degrees is a pleasure to read and view, and communicates some basic design principles very well. To knoll or not to knoll? That’s not the question, Kim emphasises, as the book ends with the phrase, “Always Be Knolling”.

The verdict: definitely download.

by TechHive staff

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