5 of the best new iPhone games

David Price
30 July, 2012
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Some terrific iPhone games have been coming through the iOS App Store lately. To help you wade through the App Store and its many, many iPhone games – some amazing, some not so much – we’ve assembled our pick of the games that are worth downloading.

5: Gets to the Exit ($0.99 for iPhone, HD version available for iPad)

Did you like the Amiga/PC classic Lemmings in the 1990s? This is the same sort of idea: a puzzle game in which you have to use various options (bouncy platforms and so on) to get some muddle-headed innocents through a potentially lethal environment. Frustrating but addictive.


4: Temple Run: Brave ($0.99 for iPhone and iPad)

What do you get when you team up Imangi Studios, developer of the addictive Temple Run, with Disney? The answer is an iOS game that goes straight to the top charts in the App Store.

This time around in Temple Run, you’re not playing as an average explorer, escape artist, city cop or football star. You’re playing as Merida, from the latest Disney movie Brave. For fans of the original, it is worth a look.

3: SongPop ($1.99, available for iPhone and iPad)

There are those who say this will be the next Draw Something. (Remember that? It was going to be the biggest thing in iOS gaming.) We’re not sure it will become quite as omnipresent as that game (even if it burned quite briefly), but this is certainly a fun little iPhone game.

Five song samples are played within a specific genre – Love Songs, 90s Alternative, Rock – and if you get the answers to the questions posed correct before your friend you win.

2: Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99 for iPhone)

Fieldrunners 1 was a solid tower defence game with addictive gameplay and a sneaky sense of humour. But the sequel is just… more. The range of gun towers is vastly greater, as is the range of enemies, and the graphics are now quite beautiful. Protect your base at all costs! (Tip: we reckon it’s sometimes worth letting a few enemies through early on while you save up for a flamethrower. An early flamethrower can make all the difference.)

It’s a superb iPhone game. But our favourite iPhone game at the moment is…

1: Tiny Wings 2 ($0.99 for iPhone; HD version available for iPad)

Right. First off, it’s not technically called Tiny Wings 2: search for that on the App Store and it won’t even appear in the search, bizarrely. It’s still called Tiny Wings, but this is the version 2.00 update. Got it? Good.

It’s a big update, mind, adding a racing mode in which you compete with three other (computer-controlled) baby birds as you swoop across the landscape. It’s a lot of fun, and considering that the update is free for those who already downloaded Tiny Wings the first time round (or a total of $0.99 if you didn’t), this is a terrific deal.

(It’s perhaps worth adding that the new $2.99 iPad version of Tiny Wings, Tiny Wings HD, is even better, adding a local multiplayer mode that is dangerously good fun. But perhaps that’s a topic for another day.)


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