3 OF A KIND: iOS parenting apps

Danny Gorog
22 December, 2012
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Whether you’ve got children, or are about to have them, you’ll find a tonne of great apps to help you cope. There are apps for everything from ensuring the equipment you buy for your child is safe to tracking how long your child has been asleep between feeds.

ACCC Keeping Baby Safe


Outware Mobile


Published by the ACCC and developed by Outware Mobile (full disclosure: I’m a director of Outware), Keeping Baby Safe is a great reference for parents who are looking to furnish a house with baby equipment. The app shows you what to look for when purchasing infant and nursery products, and tips on how to use these products safely.

The app also provides the same safety warnings you’d expect to find on the product packaging, which means you can do your research before you go into a store to purchase.

The app, like the printed guide, is aimed at expectant parents, and parents and carers of children under five years old.

The app is universal so works on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad but it’s also worth noting that the print formatted guide is available as a PDF from www.accc.gov.au and as a free ebook from the iBook store.


Baby Monitor



iPHONE $5.49

Baby Monitor is the ultimate in portable baby monitors, letting you use your iPhone to detect when your baby starts to make a noise.

Although the app requires two phones to work, the concept is really simple. You place your iPhone next to your baby and, when Baby Monitor senses a noise it automatically calls or texts a predetermined number (on any type of phone).

If you get the app to make a call, when you answer the phone you’ll be able to hear exactly what’s happening in the room.

CodeGoo, the developer behind Baby Monitor, reckons it’s great for parents who are travelling with a baby and can’t be bothered packing a regular baby monitor. The other benefit is the effectively unlimited range.

The app has a clever user interface and is very easy to set up and configure the way you like. Just make sure your baby isn’t iPhone savvy as the app needs to be running to be active!





iPHONE $4.49

Getting your kids to be helpful can be more challenging than getting a baby back to sleep. In our home, rewards and tick charts are a very handy way to remind our kids that they need to be well behaved and occasionally help out.

iRewardChart is an app that lets you keep track of all of your threats and promises in one place. You enter the names of your children, select a few tasks for them and then reward them once they complete them.

Each time a child performs a task, pull out the app and reward them by giving them a tick. You can even install the app on your child’s iPod touch.

iRewardChart comes in two flavours – a lite version that lets you track one child, and a pro version that lets you keep track of multiple kids and syncs across all of your devices.

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