3 of a kind: iOS health apps

Danny Gorog
24 November, 2013
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The Medical genre covers everything from tracking your personal well-being to teaching you first aid. There is also a full range of apps that work with third-party devices, such as Bluetooth scales or blood-pressure monitors. Galileo, featured in a recent Apple video, lets people with prosthetic limbs control the prosthesis.


Symple – Symptom tracker and health diary


Symple Health



Symple is a powerful iPhone app that lets users track up to 20 different symptoms at once. It also functions as a health diary, to let you note the things you eat, daily exercise and medications you take.

The premise behind Symple is, well, simple. By tracking your symptoms and the factors that influence those symptoms, you can determine what is helping you and what is hurting you.

The beauty behind Symple is the quick data capture and the ability to track your symptoms in your words, not just by a score. Once the data has been collected, Symple provides attractive graphs that can merge factors and symptoms into one view to show you how they relate to each other.

Symple provides an option to create a PDF report, which can then be shared with your doctor to help with your diagnosis.


First Aid


St John Ambulance Australia



The First Aid app is a must-have for all Australians. It was developed by St John Ambulance Australia which has experience training over 400,000 people in Australia each year.

According to St John, First Aid is Australia’s only iPhone app that ‘presents step-by-step emergency first aid information to the user with a large clear image for each step’.

At $4.49 it’s not the cheapest first aid app on the App Store, but it covers a large range of topics and is likely the best.

St John Ambulance has also developed two other apps that may be worth your attention. Resuscitate, which is similar to the First Aid app but focuses on DRSABCD, a seven-stage plan for resuscitation, and MediProfiles, which lets you record and store your family and friends emergency medical information.


Vaccination Schedule





If you’re a parent, you’ll know that keeping track of your children’s vaccination plan and history can be difficult.

Vaccination Scheduler is a handy app that makes keeping on top of vaccinations easy. Simply enter the name and age of each child, and the app will automatically calculate the next vaccination appointment date and send you a series of remind-
ers to prompt you to call to schedule an appointment.

The app comes pre-installed with every vaccination appointment for your child’s first seven years and works for Australia, the US, UK and 94 other countries around the world. If a child requires additional vaccinations, they can be easily added.

One feature I love is the ability to automatically generate a PDF report of your child’s vaccination history. This report is useful if you’ve ever had to register your child for childcare.

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