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The March issue of Macworld Australia is packed full of Apple news, help guides, product reviews and an in-depth look at iOS apps.

Our March feature focuses in on the apps that reside on the iOS App Store. Does your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch need a revamp? Are there apps that offer more than what you already own? Are there better options for your news, weather, social media, fitness, travel, education, entertainment, productivity or photography? Adam Turner investigates all of these and more.

In March, we also examine the four Mac security options that everyone should know. As our lives increasingly go digital, security is becoming more paramount. If you would like to keep what you do on your Mac private, there are some steps you can take to ensure it stays that way.

In addition, Anthony Caruana has put four music-streaming services on the market to the test. Which one is right for you? Find out.

The March issue also contains more great advice for Mac, iPhone and iPad users in our Help, Gadget Guide and Reviews sections.



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