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The July issue of Macworld Australia will be full of WWDC news, product reviews and two massive features.

The first feature in our July issue is the ultimate source for iOS 7 users. We have pulled Apple’s mobile operating system apart to make sure you are using the greatest features iOS 7 has to offer. From teaching Siri relationships to waking up to a song of your choice every morning, there will be hints you already know about, but we are sure there will be many that will improve your iPhone or iPad use. Want to be a savvy iOS user? This is the feature for you.

In July, we also examine the best ways to set up a home office. This detailed feature looks at the hardware, accessories, communication options, software, network connectivity and more, to give you the best chance to be productive at home. How much will it cost? Adam Turner has laid it all out for you.

In addition, Anthony Caruana has put four of the best headphones on the market to the test. Which would be right for you? Find out.

As always, we’ve got our bumper lineup of help and tips, app guides, Mac Gems and a bunch of top reviews. Be sure to check out all of this and more in the July issue – now on sale!

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