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The March issue of Macworld Australia has something for every Apple owner.

The first of three features is a massive home networking feature from Adam Turner. Our tech expert breaks down Apple’s wall to show you how to ensure all Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone devices live happily side-by-side when streaming media, sharing documents and backing up your devices.

For those thinking about a new Mac, from a MacBook Air to a Mac Pro, we are here to save the day. In March, we break down Apple’s full range of Macs to give you the best computer for your needs.

All new Macs arrive with OS X Mavericks, so, we have the first installment of our two-part feature on Apple’s free computer operating system. Tips, tabs, notifications and more: how savvy are you about OS X 10.9? Become an expert in March.

We also review Apple’s newest iMac range. What are the new features? How do they compare to previous generations? We put the range, from 21.5in to 27in displays, to the test.

In addition, Anthony Caruana has put four of the best fitness devices on the market to the test. Which is right for you? Find out.

As always, we’ve got our bumper lineup of help and tips, app guides, Mac Gems and a bunch of top reviews. Be sure to check out all of this and more in the March issue – now on sale!

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